Enjoy a whole new way of connecting

Unlimited Streaming

Entertainment and education becomes a breeze with unlimited FiberOne Broadband

Working from home

You’ll be able to download and upload all the files you need to keep business as usual.

Seamless Gaming

You’ll be able to download massive games and be able to play them at the speed of light!

Access to all Websites

With us, you have complete access to all websites, no restrictions.
About us

FiberOne is the largest fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) Internet service provider set to revolutionize last-mile Internet across Nigeria by providing truly unlimited, top-quality Internet to offices and homes at an unbeatable low price. We care about the quality of your everyday life and living which is why we have the good intention to be a part of your work, play, and learning activities which shall introduce you to a whole new way of connecting with family and friends via video calls, streaming music, movies, and high-speed gaming all seamlessly.

We are FiberEveryOne. FiberEverywhere. FiberEverything. Welcome to a new way of life. We are FiberOne.

Services We Provide

Residential Fiber
Fiber broadband straight to your door, suitable for home use
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SME Fiber
Get access to right data cap broadband for your business
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Dedicated Fiber
Take advantage of truly unlimited internet service with high-speed, for business
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More Great Reasons to Choose FiberOne


Truly Unlimited Data

With FiberOne Broadband, you are gauranteed unlimited data, no data cap, no limits.

Up to 152 Mbps Download Speed

We provide you with up to 1200 Megabytes per seconds for download for fast downloading.

24/7 Customer Support

We are always here to support you 24/7, Monday to Sunday.