Dearest Mother

Dearest Mother,

I see you.

Since the last time we spoke, you have become so much more.

Your ability to give love unconditionally,

the ability to evolve and constantly better those around you, is inherent.

You are a both a fighter and lover at heart, a perfect contradiction…

Dearest Mother,

I know you.

You are so beautiful; I could never say this enough.

Your beauty is a mystery, lined with scars, yet so perfect.

So gentle it masks the palpable force of power that you are.

You are water, a gentle yet fierce force, a perfect contradiction

Dearest Mother,

I can feel it.

You’re scared, and I understand. Scared of what will become of your children

You’re worried of the unknown; of being wrong and making a mistake

with the delicate life you are moulding

But you don’t let fear stop you, you keep sculpting and moulding with the available resources

You are a worrier and a believer, a perfect contradiction

Dearest Mother,

Thank you for the lessons

Thank you for the sacrifices

Thank you for all you did

Thank you for what you still do

Thank you for all you are

You will forever be in our hearts

With love,

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