We are no. 1 internet service provider company in Nigeria.

We at FiberOne Broadband, We are proud to introduce ourself as one of the major internet providers in the country. We provide a truly unlimited internet service accross various packages. Our Home Fiber (FTTH) service offers you high speed Internet at a low cost. Enjoy a whole new way of connecting to and streaming music, movies, Skype and gaming. Not only do we ensure you get the speed you pay for, but it stays reliably fast – even during peak times. Blazing fast connectivity without breaking the bank!

Fast & Reliable Internet

FOB utilises optical cables for its internet broadband service , which makes it the fastest internet you can get – up to 50x times faster than the fastest LTE service available in Nigeria. With the improved bandwidth throughput of Fiber you’ll have a more stable connection with lower latency. And, because Fiber uses light instead of electrical pulses, it’s weather resistant and doesn’t degrade over large distances – giving you a consistent, fast internet and a dependable experience..

On Demand Entertainment

With Fiber, say goodbye to constant buffering, thanks to smooth, fast connectivity – allowing you to enjoy HD or 4K content, even if several people are streaming at the same time.* And with super‑low latency, you can take gaming to a whole new level too.

Connect More Devices

We live in a digital world, with more devices in our homes every single day – and normal broadband solutions struggle to support the increased demand on your Internet Connection. With Fast Fiber, you can connect more devices, at better speeds than ever before – start enjoying reliable, fast internet connectivity in every room of the house.