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4 Benefits of Using Fiber Optic Broadband Technology

As I did my research for this piece from the comfort of my house, all thanks to FiberOne Broadband, I remember the time when surfing the net for information was a struggle. You connect to the internet and literally have to wait ages for the website to load? It was rather irritating connecting to the internet at a time with broadband.

However, the birth of fiber optic technology has changed the way people connect with the world. It allows super-fast internet speed with tons of bandwidth to boost up all your portable devices simultaneously without affecting the internet performance. Today, I’ll be highlighting 4 benefits of fiber optic broadband that provides an advanced level of internet technology.


Copper cables are very thick and somewhat inflexible while fiber cables have hair like thinness. The thinness of fiber cables enhances the capacity of data transformation. Fiber optics cables are by far more dependable, light-weight, thinner and resistant to environmental hazards. It provides you the uptime and reliable internet service so you can enjoy constant data transmission across the globe.


Information is transferred at a much faster rate from one place to another with fiber optics broadband. It allows for unlimited fast downloading and uploading speed than copper wires. When it comes to fiber optics, there are no data-caps, which mean that there is no limitation on data usage, and you can browse the internet to your heart’s desire. If you are experiencing a slow internet and wish for an upgrade, then you should go for fiber optic technology.


Fiber optic cables are the most secure internet connection. The chances of copper internet connections being compromised are high thus, leading to the signal hacking. Fiber cables on the other hand are made up of glass which means they are unable to release electric or magnetic signals, making it impossible to hack the data signals. Technically, the only way to compromise the fiber optic is by physically damaging the cable. Put simply, fiber optic provides a complete defense to your sensitive data from online threats like viruses, malware, and malicious content.


Over a decade ago, it was a herculean task to download and upload at the same time. But today, thanks to fiber optics broadband like FiberOne, you can simultaneously download and upload with symmetric speeds on internet connections. This simply means you can easily run multiple digital services on your fiber cables like cable TV, internet, and phone services. It also implies that you can download or upload files, video content, and make phone calling across the world simultaneously through your FiberOne Connection

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