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Micheal rarely had problems with his home internet service — until three weeks ago. That was when he began working from his house because of the coronavirus.

Michael, 35, a tech worker in Maryland, Lagos, immediately started using work applications like video conferencing that ate up a lot of data. And he shared his internet service with his wife Amaka, who was also working at home, and their two children, who are attending classes online and at times stream movies. After two weeks, his internet ground to a halt, Google Docs froze, and he couldn’t get on video calls or send big email attachments.

We bet Michael’s case isn’t peculiar. Many people are currently experiencing downtime with their internet providers- how frustrating!

Being mindful of the on-going nationwide lockdown and companies asking their employees to work-from-home, FiberOne Broadband understands how much it means to you that you stay connected with your colleagues, classmates, family, and friends and that is why we have taken our unlimited SmartHome plan and have made it even better by more benefits and given you more options to meet your needs.

Our new SmartHome plans while retaining the amazing features that made it unique, now provide you with 3 new unlimited packages that are affordable and allow you to connect more devices without jeopardizing the speed. So, whether it is HD video streaming, heavy file downloads, and uploads or video calls, FiberOne Broadband has got you covered.

You can find out more about terms and conditions here

With COVID-19 changing the way we work and live, we as a brand have decided to look inward and explore what we can do with today’s broadband capabilities. While the pandemic will teach many important lessons about our networks and their coverage, it would be a waste not to reexamine and constantly improve on our services.


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