Entertainment and education becomes a breeze with FOB. You can effortlessly stream movies, series, podcasts, music and online course content with our high bandwidth fiber . You never had to bother running out of data because our service is UNLIMITED . 

Work from Home 

With our  service, working from home becomes a real possibility. You’ll be able to download and upload all the files you need to keep business as usual. And with the consistency that our fibre service offers, you will be able to confidently communicate live, in video with anyone, from any where.


The beauty with  our high bandwidth service is that you’ll be able to download massive games and be able to play them in less than an hour! Combine that with a low latency connection and you’ll have a consistent, seamless gaming adventure.

New Technology

With the ever increasing presence of Virtual Reality and the Internet of Things bandwidth and consistency are more important than ever. With FOB , you’ll be able to  take advantage of these new developments whenever you’re ready! We like to think that with us, you’re future proofing you connectivity with the rest of the world.

Lekki Experience Centre

7a, Tunde Joda Street,

Off Whitesands School Street

Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

+234 9087981900


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